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Yomari (Rice flour dumpling)

Author: Junu

Yomari is a Newari food eaten during the festival of Yomari Punhi in Nepal. It signifies the month of Poush in the Nepal Era Calendar which falls in Purnima (a full moon day). It is also known by a name Ya-Mari. 'Ya' means like and 'Mari' means delicacy. It is also prepared during special occasions like birthdays and baby showers. It is also a very popular Nepalese food.

Yomari is a steamed dumpling with a filling of sweet ingredient 'Chhaku' (made from jaggery or molasses or palm sugar). Leftover Yomari can also be a great alternative for the breakfast.

serve yomari


    1. 2 cups of rice flour
    2. 1/3 cup of all-purpose flour
    3. 2 cups jaggery
    4. 1 tbsp sesame seed
    5. 2 tbsps ghee (clarified butter)/oil
    6. 1/2 cup milk
    7. 1/2 cup warm water


    Preparing Dough

    1. In a bowl, add rice flour and all-purpose flour together and mix it well. 
    2. Add warm water gradually kneading well to make the dough soft. Once done, cover it and put it aside to rest for 10 mins.


    Preparing Jaggery

    1. Heat a saucepan at high temperature and put jaggery and sesame seed in it. (see carousel image 2)
    2. Let the jaggery melt. Keep stirring with a spoon continuously so that it does not burn.
    3. Add little milk and stir again for a minute.
    4. Pinch little melted jaggery between your fingers. If it sticks in your finger then it is ready for use otherwise keep stirring in the saucepan. 
    5. Once ready, pour it into a bowl and add fried sesame seeds.


    Making Yomari 

    1. Put some oil in your one hand to keep it moisten. Then take a small ball of dough. (see carousel image 3)
    2. Make them round and turn them into a cone-shaped without any hole. (see carousel image 4)
    3. Then dip your forefinger in warm water with ghee/oil and press down gradually to make a deeper/bigger hole to create a cavity.
    4. Add melted jaggery with sesame seeds to halfway and hold the mouth of the hole and then start closing the upper part of the cone using your forefinger and thumb. (see carousel image 5)
    5. After making the Yomari, steam it in a steamer for 10-15 mins. (see carousel image 6)
    6. It is then ready to serve. (see carousel image 7)


    • Bowl
    • Saucepan
    • Steamer
    • Spoon

Where to buy?

You can easily buy all-purpose flour, molasses sugar, palm sugar at the local department store, grocery or an Indian shop. Ghee(clarified butter), Jagger, sesame seed and rice flour can be found in an Asian shop, Amazon or eBay.

Recipe Notes

  • You can make ghee from unsalted butter. 
  • You can make rice flour from rice after soaking it for the whole night and drying it for a while in the morning and then by grinding it. You can filter the fine rice flour by using a sieve.
  • You can also make different fillings (vegetable, minced chicken) for your Yomari.
  • Add cardamom powder, coconut powder with melted jaggery to enhance the taste.
  • If the melted Jagger gets too thick, microwave for 20 seconds or add a little hot water.


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